C.L.I.F Season 5 on Police Coast Guard will feature Rebecca Lim & Pierre Png

Season 5 features the Police Coast Guard.

Joshua Lee | April 10, 2019, 08:24 AM

Fans of C.L.I.F, this one is for you.

The fifth season of the Mediacorp police drama starts filming on April 10 and it boasts Rebecca Lim and Pierre Png as leads.

Rebecca Lim. Via SPF.

C.L.I.F Season 5 is a 20-episode drama with a refreshed plot. It will focus on the Police Coast Guard. Lim's character leads the police sea patrol unit. It is unknown what Png's character will be.

Main cast of CLIF 5 at the Lensing Ceremony before the start of filming. Via SPF.

"The drama will give viewers a better understanding of the work that the Police Coast Guard does, in safeguarding Singapore's territorial waters round the clock. We also hope that《警徽天职 C.L.I.F. 5》will inspire more like-minded individuals to join us in keeping Singapore safe and secure," said SPF in a Facebook post. 

C.L.I.F (which stands for Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness) is a drama produced in partnership with the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Pierre Png. Via SPF.

Each season of C.L.I.F showcases various police divisions such as the Traffic Police, Criminal Investigation Department, Commercial Affairs Department, and Community Policing Units.

Past actors in C.L.I.F include Rui En, Li Nanxing, Qi Yiwu, Joanne Peh, and Elvin Ng.

It is the only Channel 8 show to reach five seasons.

SPF shared that they had a "50 per cent increase in the number of applicants” after the first season. C.L.I.F 3's debut episode saw almost a million viewers. 

Other cast members of C.L.I.F 5 include Taiwanese actor Weber Yang, who plays Lim's love interest, Shane Pow, Joel Choo, Bonnie Loo, James Seah, and Cynthia Koh.

The show will debut on September 23, 2019.

Top images via SPF Facebook page.