Chew Chor Meng moved audience to tears with his thank you speech at Star Awards 2019


Zhangxin Zheng | April 14, 11:01 pm

This year is the 25th anniversary of Star Awards, the biggest event in the local showbiz, and its theme was The Moment.

There are quite a number of memorable moments, but this is probably the most touching moment of Star Awards 2019.

Special Achievement Award

Veteran actor Chew Chor Meng was presented the Special Achievement Award as a surprise element of this year’s Star Awards.

The award was presented by the Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung, who was the guest-of-honour of the night.

Chew was described as a versatile actor who took on various modern and ancient period roles since he first started acting.

He has also maintained a clean-cut, amiable image over the years that makes him popular among Singaporeans.

Over the years, Chew received the Best Actor Award in 2000, Best and the All-Time Favourite Artiste Award in 2004 and Best Supporting Actor Award in 2009.

Here’s the heartfelt speech made by Chew:

And the translated transcript:

Thank you everyone, thank you all.

I will never forget this moment.

I started acting as a calefare in the 80s.

Then I became a contract actor and only became a full-time artiste in 1990.

I am grateful that I can always pursue my passion that is acting.

I’ve been doing what I enjoyed most of my life but I don’t feel what I’ve achieved is worthy of this award.

So when the planning team of Star Awards told me that they are giving me this award (the Special Achievement Award), I really hesitated for a long time.

My health has been poor for the past ten years but I am grateful that I can continue acting.

Although there are times when I cannot do as much as I wish to, I am grateful for having tolerant and understanding colleagues.

Your support is the best motivation to me.

Besides thanking Father in heaven, I also want to thank many of those who have helped me.

In the future, if you guys don’t mind and like to watch my acting, I will persevere on because I love acting.

Even when it comes to a point when I cannot walk anymore, I will still be dedicated and act well.

Because I am an actor and that’s the responsibility of an actor.

Thank you everyone.

Persevered despite illness

Chew was diagnosed with Kennedy’s disease, also known as spinal muscular atrophy, in 2008.

Despite his illness, Chew persevered over the decade and continued his passion for acting.

Chew’s active involvement is exemplified in several recent productions such as the long-running drama 118, Fifty and Fabulous and Jalan Jalan.

Chew also opened a porridge stall and a Mookata outlet with Dennis Chew.

Chew Chor Meng & Dennis Chew opens porridge shop in Ang Mo Kio, calls it “Zhou Chu Ming”

Chew Chor Meng & Dennis Chew opening 4th Mookata outlet in Tampines on Nov. 10, 2018

Classic roles

Here are some memorable characters played by Chew in the past:

Young Justice Bao

Mr Kiasu

Ah Bee in Don’t Worry, Be Happy

The Reunion

118’s dad (Da Ming)

Online reactions

Many viewers also left comments on the Facebook post, expressing their respect and congratulations for Chew.

Here are some examples:

Translation: ‘This scene is really very touching, I grew up watching Chew Chor Meng’s shows and he finally received this achievement award. Well deserved’

Translation: ‘My respect to Chor Meng!’

Pan Lingling & Hong Huifang had the most awkward reunion on stage at Star Awards 2019

All screenshots from Toggle.sg and comments from Channel 8 Facebook ; Top photo from screenshot of Channel 8 Facebook video

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