Recyclables can be exchanged for cash at more than 100 locations in S’pore

Get paid for cleaning and sorting your recyclables.

Zhangxin Zheng | April 15, 01:03 pm


You don’t always have to pay more buy eco friendly products.

On the other hand, you can get paid for doing good for the environment in Singapore.

Exchange recyclables for money

A useful map showing more than 100 cash-for-trash stations across Singapore, has been updated on March 6, 2019.

Screenshot from data.gov.sg.

Several of these stations are in the neighbourhood’s Residents’ Committees (RCs) so it should not be too much of a chore for you to bring down your recyclables.

However, do take note that collection at each point is at different timings and dates.

You might have to make a call prior to lugging your recyclables down to check what types of recyclables are accepted.

Most of such stations are located in eastern and western Singapore, with only three found in the north.

It seems like no improvement was made even after a letter was written to The Straits Times in 2016.

Screenshot from ST.


Veolia cash-for-trash programme

One public waste collector that carries out such a programme to incentivise recycling is Veolia.

The programme first started in 2014 in Tampines and Pasir Ris area.

The programme has since expanded to a total of 29 cash-for-trash stations with a majority of these stations found in the central and western parts of Singapore.

Here’s a table where you can check out where and when Veolia is collecting the recyclables:

Screenshot from Veolia website.


Different types of recyclables will be collected at different prices.

Here’s a gauge of how much you will get in return if you recycle diligently.

Aluminium drink cans: S$0.50/kg
Metal tins: S$0.10/kg
Papers (including newspapers, books, magazines): S$0.10/kg
Old corrugated cardboard: S$0.05/kg
Old clothing / old bedsheets (in good condition): S$0.20/kg
Small electrical appliances: On-the-spot valuation

Do note that the recyclables are required to be clean and rinsed so that it is free of any food waste or liquid.

Other cash-for-trash sites

Another public waste collector that does this programme is Colex, but their cash-for-trash stations are only in Jurong.

The prices and types of recyclables accepted are not revealed.

Here are the places in Jurong with cash-for-trash programme conducted by Colex:

Screenshot from Colex website.

Or you can look out for ad-hoc cash-for-trash community events.

Here’s an upcoming one in Joo Chiat on April 16 where recyclables can be exchanged for NTUC vouchers:

Top photo collage from screenshot from data.gov.sg and Hundva via Pixabay

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