Mobile game lets you battle S'pore & M'sia country erasers like it's primary school all over again

Hello, old friend.

Guan Zhen Tan | April 24, 2019, 03:17 PM

Back in the 90s' and the early 2000s', kids were obsessed with country erasers.

Battles were had, and erasers were won.

Your most prized collection might have been trashed unceremoniously by now, but if you miss the adrenaline from battling your friends, Rubber Wrestling, a new mobile app game, might just be what you're looking for.

Straightforward Gameplay

The gameplay is similar to the actual game most of us are familiar with.

Currently, it only has two country erasers, featuring the flags of Singapore and Malaysia.

To play, tap and hold on the edges of the eraser to charge up, then let go to launch the eraser.

After your eraser has landed, the other player can take their turn.

You can even hit the zoom button for precise aiming and launching.

Like the actual game, the player who successfully pins the opponent under their eraser is the winner.

You're also free to make up rules of your own, as there isn't a rule system in place.

The first few rounds can be a little challenging, as it is easy to launch your eraser too far, and cause it to fall off the table instead.


The game is created by an aspiring game developer who goes by the handle of Linteractivity on Reddit and Twitter.

Linteractivity, whose location is tagged to Singapore on Twitter, was inspired to create this game after seeing a post on the r/Singapore subreddit, which is likely to have been this particular post reminiscing the hobby. 

On the r/Malaysia subreddit, where the game has garnered some traction, some users suggested customisable erasers:

Screenshot via r/Malaysia

Screenshot via r/Malaysia

One redditor even suggested a gachapon system for the game, which refers to a popular mechanic in mobile games where you are given an item at random for a certain amount of in-game currency.

Screenshot via r/Malaysia

You can download the game here. Do note it's only for Android users, so those of you on Apple devices will have to stay tuned. 

Let the battles begin.

Top image adapted via in-game screenshots of Rubber Wrestling by Limited Games