Changi Jewel opens on April 17, 2019. Here are some of its exciting nom noms.

Great for foodies.

Joshua Lee| March 07, 03:14 PM

Changi Jewel is opening on April 17.

This was mentioned by Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health, Lam Pin Min during the Ministry of Transport's Committee of Supply debate on March 7.

Aside from better aviation facilities that will improve your travel experience such has early check-in facilities, integrated ticketing and baggage service fly-cruise and fly-coach transfers, the new jewel (pun intended) of Changi Airport will feature a wide array of dining attractions for visitors.

Here they are:

1. Burger & Lobster

Expect its signature lobster rolls and whole lobsters. The rolls consist of a toasted brioche roll, chunks of lobster meat, and served alongside its signature lemon and garlic butter sauce, fries and salad.

This outlet will be Burger & Lobster's third outlet in Asia.

It will be located at Canopy Park, Jewel’s topmost floor, where diners can enjoy a good view of the 40-metre high Rain Vortex — also slated to be the world’s tallest indoor waterfall

2. Shake Shack

Shake Shack has over 170 outlets in America and overseas, including branches in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

The chain is known for its 100 per cent Angus beef patties, soft and feathery potato flour buns, tasty hot dogs made with beef sausages, and its milkshakes, of course.

Perennial favourites include the Shack Stack and items on its not-so-secret secret menu.

3. A&W

Fans of a certain vintage will remember the famous A&W root beer float, coney dog, and curly fries. Perhaps a nostalgic trip to Jewel is in order for those who want to relive those memories.

4. Laderach

This Swiss artisanal chocolatier is famous for their handmade chocolates made in Switzerland and flown to Singapore. It has consistently ranked among the top chocolate brands in Switzerland. 

Via Laderach website.

5. Pink Fish

This Norwegian casual seafood restaurant is sometimes known as Norway's answer to McDonald's, albeit a more sustainable version.

This chain is famous for serving salmon burgers, wraps, and poke bowls with sustainably farmed fish. 

This below is Pink Fish's Vietnamese-inspired Asian Burger which comes with salmon, spicy soya and mango salsa.

Via Pink Fish

6. Violet Oon

This will be Oon's largest restaurant to date and will feature local delicacies like dry laksa. Some of the Peranakan dishes offered at her restaurants include Ngoh Hiang, Kuay Pie Tee, and Tumeric Chicken Wings.


7. Five Spice Foodcourt

The food court, which is operated by Food Junction, will feature over 10 local brands. 

This includes long-time names like Ka-Soh and Fu Lin Yong Tofu, which have more than 20 years of culinary heritage. 

Ka-Soh's signature deep fried pork ribs. Via Ka-Soh.

Ka-Soh's signture sliced fish noodles. Via Ka-Soh.

Changi Jewel preview

If you're interested in viewing Changi Jewel before it opens, you'll be glad to know that Singapore residents can have a sneak peek of Jewel from April 11 to 16.

The preview will run in four three-hour time blocks from 10am to 10pm daily. Visitors can explore various points of interest in Jewel and shop and dine at more than 90 per cent of Jewel's 280 shopping and dining outlets.

Via Changi Airport Group.

This preview is a ticketed event but completely free of charge. You just need to register online at Registration will open on March 12 at 6am.

Each member of the public can register for up to four participants. Take note, however, that only 500,000 tickets will be available.

Top images via Burger & Lobster and Violet Oon.