We Bare Bears collectible cups available at Golden Village S’pore from March 15, 2019

The cups come with a popcorn and drink combo.

Mandy How | March 13, 01:52 pm


Golden Village is getting good at this.

Previously, it was the How To Train Your Dragon cups that had people going crazy:

How to Train Your Dragon collectible cups will be available in S’pore from Jan. 24, 2019

From March 15, 2019, the cinema will be selling a We Bare Bears Movie Combo that also comes with collectible cups.

There will be three designs in total, one for each bear:

Image via Golden Village Singapore
Image via Golden Village Singapore

In addition to the cup, the combo also includes one large popcorn and one regular drink.

Each combo costs S$13.50, and will be on sale at al Golden Village outlets for a limited period.

Top image via Golden Village Singapore

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