Petition calling for ban on 2 metal bands coming to S'pore gets over 15,000 signatures


Sulaiman Daud | March 07, 2019, 12:41 PM

Another petition is making the rounds, this time to call for a ban on two bands performing in Singapore.

The artists are Swedish heavy metal band Soilwork:

Photo from Soilwork's Facebook page.

And Swedish black metal band Watain:

Photo from Watain's Facebook page.

Watain will play on March 7 at the EBX Live Space, while Soilwork will perform at the same venue on Oct. 29.

Over 15,000 signatures

The petition, started by a Rachel Chan on March 6, is titled, "Ban satanic music groups Watain and Soilwork from performing in Singapore".

It quickly gained popularity, and got over 15,000 signatures as of 11:30am on March 7.

Comments left on the petition expressed concern about the bands' influence on "youths", offensive lyrics, and the petitioner's religious sensibilities:

Screen shot from

Screen shot from

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Chan has stated that she sent the link to the petition to Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth.

On the other hand, underground music website Unite Asia poured scorn on the petition and its signers, calling it "ridiculous" and "stupid".

Show is rated R18

Part of the controversy involves Watain's open belief in Theistic Satanism, and lyrics in certain songs that supposedly denigrate the Judeo-Christian religion.

On the other hand, Soilwork have not openly expressed Satanist beliefs.

It's possible that Chan saw that they were also a Swedish metal band and assumed they were similar to Watain.

The petitioners may be pleased to hear that the Info-communications Media Development Authority has issued a rating of R18 and a Mature Content advisory for the show, which means that youths and underage children will not be allowed to attend.

As long as parents can ensure their children don't sneak out of the house and get past security, they don't have to worry about metal bands influencing them.

Anyway, there are worse things on the Internet.

Top image from Watain's Facebook page and