Thailand supermarket uses innovative banana leaves packaging to avoid excessive plastic usage


Nyi Nyi Thet | March 23, 2019, 12:52 PM

One of the sights you invariably see at supermarkets might be individual fruits or vegetables packaged in plastic.

Which some might consider an excessive use of said plastic.

Enter Rimping.

Rimping ain't easy

Rimping is a supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Here it is.

Image from Rimping

They've come up with a rather interesting alternative to full plastic packaging.

As such.

Image from Perfecthomes

Image from perfecthomes

Image from perfecthomes

Image from perfecthomes

Image from perfecthomes

Very nice.

This method has gone rather viral, with over 11,000 shares in less than two days.

The man who took the pictures, Simon from Perfect Homes Chiang Mai limted, had this to say about the pictures.

"These were simple pictures taken of my mobile phone of a what I thought was a great idea. I certainly was amazed when they went viral"

While most have praised this new initiative, some have pointed out that this doesn't appear to be a complete eradication of plastic packaging.

Still, as many mentioned, it is a good first step.

Image from Perfecthomes