Chinese-American man throws wife down 4 floors at Taiwan airport during argument

He was seen pleading for Trump to save him.

Andrew Koay | March 20, 2019, 04:44 PM

Different couples approach conflict resolution using different methods.

Some prefer to talk things out, while others prefer to cast their troubles aside.

And that's exactly what one husband did to his wife in Taiwan.

Taiwan airport incident

According to The China Post, a 32-year-old Chinese-American man, whose surname is Wan, got into an argument with his 33-year-old Taiwanese wife, whose surname is Chung.

They were quarrelling in Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport on Monday, March 18.

Threw her over the railing

As the argument got more heated between the couple, they allegedly engaged in a physical struggle in a stairway on the fourth floor.

Stairway where Wan threw Chung. Screenshot from CTV YouTube.

Wan then picked Chung up and threw her over the stair railing.

Chung then fell about 15 metres, hitting a side wall before being caught in a safety net on the first floor.

The safety net that caught Wan and Chung. Screenshot from CTV YouTube.

Wan then followed up his toss by jumping over the rails himself, landing on his wife.

Landed in hospital

The fall initially left Chung with head injuries rendering her unconscious and in a critical condition at Min-Sheng General Hospital, while Wan sustained fractures to his ribs.

As of Tuesday, March 19, Apple Daily Taiwan reported that Chung has since regained consciousness and that her condition has stabilised.

She has been transferred to another hospital for further treatment.

Reason for argument

The couple had been arguing over Wan’s decision to return to the United States, having been in Taiwan visiting Chung’s family since the Lunar New Year holiday in February.

"Trump please save me"

Various videos on YouTube showed Wan refusing to cooperate with Taiwanese law enforcement.

One video had him pleading to cameras, saying: “I’m an American citizen, Trump please save me.”

The video then cuts to footage of Wan claiming that he was going to be executed.

When asked in the video if he was insane, Wan replies: "I'm clear-minded right now".

The China Post reported that Wan is being investigated on suspicion of attempted homicide.

You can watch the video here:

Top image from CTV YouTube