S'pore experiences reds & yellows of 'autumn' as trees come into full bloom

Don't need to visit Western countries to experience fall.

Ashley Tan| March 08, 06:34 PM

For those who have lamented Singapore's equatorial climate and envied the beauty of the four seasons in other countries, now is the chance to catch the fiery colours of autumn in Singapore.

Trees along the CTE and certain roads like Holland and Tanjong Katong are exploding into vibrant reds and yellows, as shared by NParks' Facebook page.

Here are photos of the blooming spectacle:

Along the CTE. Photo from Bryan Soh

More blooming trees along the CTE. Photo by Ng Lee Khiang

Along Tanjong Katong Road. Photo by Solomon Soh

Hougang Ave 6. Photo by Ng Hui Zhen / Facebook

Strolling beneath the trees, it definitely doesn't feel like Singapore.

Why the change in colours?

The red leaves belong to a tree known as the Malayan Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia floribunda). 

In the past, the slow vermilion flush of these usually green leaves have been attributed to higher levels of rainfall and cooler temperatures, which speeds up the shedding process.

Photo by SP Yeo / Facebook

Yellow Flame trees, also known as Peltophorum pterocarpum, bear bright yellow flowers -- hence the name.

Photo by Tee Swee Ping / Facebook

Flowering in these trees usually occur twice a year—March to May, and September to November.

This means that Singaporeans can also look out for more yellow blossoms towards the end of the year.

Another tree in bloom is the Yellow Saraca (Saraca thaipingensis). You can see a close up of the flowers here:

Photo by Sam Y. Foon / Facebook


Top photo by Ng Lee Khiang / Facebook