K Shanmugam laughs off online threat to egg him, instead flags commenter's interest in drugs

He sees it as the egg-xagerated words of a young man.

Guan Zhen Tan | March 27, 2019, 02:22 PM

Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam has spoken out about eggs.

He's not declaring war on omelettes, but rather he is referring to a threat made by 20-year-old full-time national serviceman Edmund Zhong.

Zhong had commented: “I wanna do that to K Shanmugam. I swear." on a Channel NewsAsia Facebook post on news of statements made by Australian senator Fraser Anning.

Anning got egged by a teenager, after he blamed Muslim immigration for the Christchurch mosque massacre.

Shanmugam: I laughed it off

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Shanmugam wrote that he laughed off the threat regarding eggs potentially being thrown at him when he learned about it, calling the threat "the somewhat exaggerated words of a young man".

He also noted, however, that the police cannot laugh off such comments, and that he understood their concerns.

He said he was additionally told about Zhong's background, and also assured that he would be interviewed to confirm that he was not going to take action.

Funnily enough, the minister was more concerned with "his public comments, on his FB, on his attitude to narcotics", adding that he hopes that Zhong would not "actually experiment further with cannabis, regardless of how desirable he thinks drugs are".

You can read his full post here:



There have been some media articles on Edmund Zhong and his threat to throw eggs.

When I was told about it, I laughed it off - the somewhat exaggerated words of a young man.

I was then told about some of his background, and that he would be interviewed to establish that he is not actually going to take any action.

I understood Police’s concerns. I can laugh off these comments, but understandably, Police can’t.

I am much more concerned about his public comments, on his FB, on his attitude to narcotics. I hope he does not actually experiment further with cannabis, regardless of how desirable he thinks drugs are."

The last paragraph he wrote could possibly be in reference to Zhong's Facebook profile page, which lists him as a "Rapper/Hustler/Stoner" and "Cannabis Advocate".

His bio also included a Soundcloud link, a popular website for budding rappers and musicians to upload their music.

He is listed as an "Advocator" at the Facebook page "Singapore Cannabis Awareness".

Screenshot via Edmund Zhong's Facebook page

Summoned to the police

Zhong, along with another 47-year-old man who allegedly responded to his comment with information about Shanmugam's Meet-the-People sessions, are assisting the police with investigations into the offence of communicating an electronic record to incite violence under Section 267C of the Penal Code.

A person convicted of this can be jailed for up to five years, or fined, or both.

Following a police report made against him on March 19, Zhong supposedly outed himself on HardwareZone forum, providing details of him being visited by the Singapore police after his comment was posted.

It is not revealed who made the report.

In an interview with The Straits Times, he clarified that he "posted it just as a joke, based on the news on the Australian senator" and that he doesn't feel regretful, saying that it's "a matter of freedom of speech".

Top image via K Shanmugam Sc's Facebook page and world_record_eeegggsss on Instagram.