Sentosa Boardwalk has 35 vending machines that sell bak kwa, bird's nest, Eureka popcorn & more

Very convenient.

Ashley Tan | March 13, 2019, 03:19 PM

Heading to Sentosa but find the monorail fare a tad too pricey? Here's a good reason to use the boardwalk instead.

35 new vending machines selling food, crafts and lifestyle products from over 50 brands have just been installed along the 670m stretch of boardwalk from Vivocity to Sentosa.

Boardwalk AdVENDture

Launched by Royal Vending SG on March 12, Boardwalk AdVENDture, as the clusters of vending machines are dubbed, has quite the range of products.

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According to a press release, the machines are arranged in four clusters of different themes including touristy essentials, gifts, food or games.

The clusters are placed along the entire boardwalk, so you can take your time and browse through what's for sale as you walk to Sentosa.

70 per cent of the brands are making use of vending machines for the first time.

Local snacks, popcorn, ice cream and more

If you're feeling hungry, the vending machines sell all sorts of snacks and treats.

You can even find Bird's Nest on the 'menu'.

Photo by Ashley Tan

There are other snacks with a local twist, like Fragrance's bak kwa and salted egg yolk chips, and laksa and chicken rice-flavoured chips.

Photo by Ashley Tan

Photo by Ashley Tan

Popcorn cans by Eureka Snack are also sold, in two sizes.

The larger cans are the same as the ones found in their actual shops, whereas the smaller-sized 'baby' cans are sold exclusively in these vending machines, according to a staff member of Eureka Snack at the launch.

Photo by Ashley Tan

Photo by Ashley Tan

Ice cream by various brands like Magnolia, Potong and Kings are also sold in a specially chilled vending machine to help passers-by beat the sweltering heat.

Photo by Ashley Tan

You can also find really "old-school" snacks like Iced Gem biscuits and wheel crackers.

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Souvenirs, cosmetics and books

The vending machines don't just satisfy your hunger needs, but make available other lifestyle products as well.

One example is the quirky Merlion souvenirs by Love SG.

Photo by Ashley Tan

Books by World Scientific are also available for your perusal at the tap of a card.

Photo by Ashley Tan

Skincare brand Su:m37° is one of the brands showcasing their products.

As stated on the machine, visitors can purchase a standard travel kit of beauty products worth S$70, for S$12.

Photo by Ashley Tan

An Instagram-worthy wall of artificial flowers was also set up beside the machine.

A good cause

Aside from snacks and lifestyle products, visitors can also spend money on artwork specially designed by students from autism-focused Pathlight School.

Here are photos of some of the artwork. Designs are hand-drawn by the students and then printed.

Photo by Ashley Tan

Photo by Ashley Tan

The vending machine is managed by social enterprise The Art Faculty.

A staff member from the Art Faculty told Mothership that proceeds from the sold items will be split between the social enterprise and royalties for the student artists.

Smart retailing

As Singapore becomes more automated, vending machines are just the next step in jump-starting the country's weakening retail scene, according to Fintech Singapore.

These 24/7 'shops' are an innovative retail concept that help save on manpower and costs.

All the vending machines set up at the boardwalk can also go cashless, and customers have the option of making payment via Paylah!

So don't be jealous if you can't get a spot on the monorail, because you might end up in Sentosa better fed than them.

Top photos by Ashley Tan