US$130 (S$175) sneakers that look like pandan cake are selling out in the US

It's actually supposed to look like avocado toast.

Olivia Lin | March 01, 2019, 08:30 AM

American sportswear brand Saucony recently launched a pair of sneakers that will intrigue avocado toast-eating millennials.

Photo via Saucony

However, for Singaporeans, the sneakers might remind them of something closer to home -- Our world-renowned, CNN-listed pandan cake (we'll get to that later).

As the name suggests, the "Men's Shadow 6000 avocado toast" was inspired by the basic brunch staple.

It even comes with a delicious description:

Holy Saucamole! Celebrate your health kick with the delicacy of the exclusive “Avocado Toast” Shadow 6000. Featuring toast-ed leather, smashed avocado textured suede, red pepper flake collar lining, and the “Saucamole” shout out on the heel. It’s everything you avo-wanted, even if the guac is extra.

If the red-speckled lining isn't enough to convince you what the sneakers are supposed to look like, the cross-section of an avocado on its heel will.

Photo via Saucony

They go for US$130 (S$175.50), and are available in both male and female sizes.

Why it also looks like pandan cake

Photo via Flickr/Andrea Nguyen

Unbeknownst to the shoe designers of Saucony, the "Men's Shadow 6000 avocado toast" also resembles pandan cake, one of Singaporeans' favourite snacks.

Besides the obvious colours, the brown leather looks similar to the textured crust of the cake.

Here's a side-by-side comparison:

Photo via Saucony & Bengawan Solo

Here's more proof that other people see the similarities to pandan cake.

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Saucony X Bengawan Solo collab. Photo via FB / Livia Tan.

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Not available anymore

Unfortunately, if you're thinking of getting a pair, you can forget about it.

As of this article, all sizes are seemingly sold out on the website.

And even if they're available, Saucony does not ship to Singapore.


Top photo via Saucony/Flickr Andrea Nguyen.