People are making hilarious wallpapers utilising Samsung’s new hole-punch camera

Holey moley.

Nyi Nyi Thet | March 11, 10:35 pm

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 has a hole-punch camera.

Here it is.

Image from All About Samsung

Reactions have been mixed

Whatever you might think of the camera design though, one thing is clear, there are a lot of creative people on the Internet.

Opportunity punches

These really creative people have been hard at work trying to find unique ways of utilising the hole-punch camera to make quirky wallpaper designs.

Here they are.

Image from Matt B

Image by Thicc_Churro

Even Nancy Sit wasn’t spared.

Image from Vtechgraphy

For more amazing designs, you can head over to the S10 wallpaper subreddit here.

Image from Vtechgraphy and Reddit

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