E-scooter rider on Pasir Ris road beats red light & crashes head on into PMD rider

Traffic rules treated as suggestions.

Belmont Lay | March 18, 12:20 am

A 27-year-old personal mobility device (PMD) rider was injured after an e-scooter rider crashed into him.

The accident took place along Pasir Ris Drive 1 towards Pasir Ris Drive 8 at 8.21pm on Saturday, March 16.

PMD rider trying to cross road

The PMD rider was riding a device that looked like a bicycle.

As he was crossing the pedestrian crossing with the traffic light blinking green in his favour, an e-scooter rider on the road crashes into him.

Both riders did not have time to even react before the crash and were flung off their devices and they laid on the ground.

After the collision, a second e-scooter rider on the road passed by.

Taken to hospital

The PMD rider in the accident, a 27-year-old man, was taken to Sengkang General Hospital in a conscious state.

Allegedly tried to flee

According to comments posted on one of the videos of the incident, the e-scooter rider attempted to flee from the scene before the police arrived.

He allegedly took his e-scooter device with him and left the scene.

Police are investigating the incident.

Not allowed

An individual must not ride a PMD on a road at any time, according to the Active Mobility Act.

PMDs include kick scooters, electric scooters, unicycles and hoverboards, according to the Land Transport Authority website.

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