Retro-themed radio & portable speakers available at S’pore IT Show 2019

Old school cool.

Nyi Nyi Thet | March 6, 10:36 am

Muzen Audio is known for their portable speakers with really unique aesthetics.

Like such.

Well, the Muzen On The Road (OTR) is coming to Singapore real soon.

Specifically, for the IT show from March 7 to March 10. Followed by availability at some selected retailers.

The speakers, which are designed to have that old-school retro feel, are available in two designs.

Metal, and wood.


Apart from the two designs shown earlier in the article, the metal designs also come in jet black and mint green shades.

Also, all of the speakers come in this adorable bag.


The wood design comes in just one colour. Walnut wood, or more succinctly, wood.

Price and specs

The metal version weighs 440g, more than twice as heavy as the one with the wooden coating, which comes in at 195g.

Both designs feature a battery life of 10 hours, FM radio tuning, and Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility.

The Muzen OTR Wood will be sold for S$129, while the OTR Metal will set you back S$139.

The IT show will be held from March 7-10 at Suntec.

Level 3: 11am-9pm

Levels 4 & 6: 12-9pm

Image from Muzen

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