McDonald’s customer finds pieces of eggshell in her McGriddles sandwich

Extra crunchy.

Sulaiman Daud | March 15, 02:29 pm

A McDonald’s customer got more egg than she bargained for when biting into her morning McGriddles sandwich.

Instead of the usual patty, maple-flavoured cakes, cheese and sunny-side up, there was also quite a bit of what appeared to be eggshell pieces.

Pic courtesy of a Mothership contributor.
Pic courtesy of a Mothership contributor.

The customer, who wished to remain anonymous, told Mothership that she bought the McGriddles from a McDonald’s outlet in Woodlands on the morning of March 15.

She said:

“I bit the burger and was chewing on one small piece of the eggshell. I thought it was only one small piece but when I continued eating, I found a bigger piece of it.”

She added that she did not bring up the issue with the McDonald’s staff, as it was a takeaway order.

Pic courtesy of a Mothership contributor.

Mothership has contacted McDonald’s for comment.

Top image courtesy of a Mothership contributor.

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