Louis Vuitton's wireless earphones available in S'pore for S$1,580


Nyi Nyi Thet| March 03, 10:49 AM

You might have heard of the hullabaloo surrounding AirPods, with some using the price, S$238, as a tongue-in-cheek symbol of wealth.

Like such.

Image from BlackNerdGang9k

Image from knowyourmeme

Well, Louis Vuitton has come up with what appears to be a completely unironic flex, by pushing out their very own wireless earphones.

Costs a Vuit-ton

Here are their wireless earphones.



Image from Louis Vuitton


Here's an unboxing.


A single wireless earphone will set you back S$1,580.

Not all earphone designs are available at every store in Singapore though, so you might want to call in and check first.

If you find the design familiar, it's because the entire thing is a collaboration between high-end earphone brand Master & Dynamic, which came out in 2018.

The original Master & Dynamic earphones came in at a relatively more affordable, but empirically expensive, US$299 (S$405).


Image collated from Gem's Instagram and Louis Vuitton