S’pore taxi driver lends penniless passenger S$5 to buy dinner for pregnant wife despite being doubtful

He also sent him to and fro both destinations.

Tanya Ong | March 14, 10:15 pm


One man in Singapore recently wrote a heartfelt Facebook post on how a ComfortDelGro taxi driver helped him out when he really needed it.

But it is a strange little feel-good story.

Rushed out to buy dinner for wife

On March 11, one Esmonde Tjw wrote on Facebook that his wife was “very upset” and was having a bad day.

His wife, the man wrote in his post, is heavily pregnant.

He decided to go out and buy her favourite food to cheer her up.

In his haste, he boarded a taxi without his wallet.

He told the taxi driver that he had forgotten his wallet, but the taxi driver said “it’s okay” and offered to take him to his destination.

Taxi driver doubted him, but still helped anyway

When he reached his destination, he requested that the driver lend him S$5 to get dinner for his wife.

According to the man, he said that the taxi driver felt that this was “too much” and had doubts that he had really forgotten his wallet.

Photo via FB/Esmonde Tjw

But the taxi driver obliged after the man persuaded the driver by leaving his phone behind, promising to return.

After getting his wife dinner, the taxi driver sent him home, whereupon he paid the taxi driver back in full.

He added that he even gave him an extra “little tip”.

“He deserves a compliment for great service and understanding my situation,” Esmonde Tjw said.


This is his Facebook post:

Top photo via Esmonde Tjw’s Facebook.

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