S’pore ex-grassroots leader allegedly kicks older man in park, says “apologising is too embarrassing”

He refused to apologise to the old man because it was 'embarrassing'.

Joshua Lee | March 4, 04:42 pm


Here’s the latest Singaporean being CSI-ed by HardwareZone forum users: former Bukit Panjang Community Club treasurer Roland Neo.

The Chow Chow owner has been reported twice to the police so far for allegedly kicking an older man in the back at a park near the end of last year, putting him out of work for a month — and it turns out, as HWZ forum users have discovered, Neo seems to be a grassroots leader here.

Here’s what happened:

On Sunday, The Straits Times (ST) reported that one Joseph Wee was allegedly kicked in the back by a younger man on Dec. 27, 2018 at Telok Kurau Park.

According to the paper, Wee, 59, was walking his Belgian Shepherd when an unleashed and unmuzzled black Chow Chow bit his dog’s tail.

Wee swung the end of his leash to chase the Chow Chow away, but felt a sudden blow to his back, which sent him falling to the ground. According to what Wee described as more than 40 residents who saw the incident, it was Neo who allegedly kicked him.

ST identified the alleged attacker as Neo.

According to Wee, Neo apparently had promised to pay his medical bills but the number Neo gave him was perpetually engaged.

Fractures to tailbone

Wee told ST that during the incident Neo was aggressive and “dancing like Bruce Lee”. Witnesses who tried to help Wee claimed that Neo had also challenged them to a fight.

Wee sustained cuts on his left hand and right elbow, and bruises on his knees, as well as fractures to his tailbone.

He was unable to work for a month after the incident and could not attend his cardiac rehabilitation sessions, following a double heart bypass he had had in October.

And here’s where it gets weirder:

On Feb. 27, 2019, ST spotted Neo at the Telok Kurau Park.

When the paper questioned him about the incident, Neo claimed that he did not kick Wee, asserting that he was merely running too fast.

Neo reportedly claimed that he could not find the elderly man because his maids did not know where Wee lived.

And here’s the oddest part: On the same day, Wee happened to be at the same park. When the paper pointed out Wee to Neo, the latter reportedly said,

I would love to apologise. But sometimes, apologising is too embarrassing.”

According to ST, Neo was out on bail for other offences on the day the incident took place.  

So here we are — of course, HardwareZone forum users wasted no time in digging out more about Neo.

Here’s a photo they dug up of Neo alongside a black Chow Chow, which is supposedly the one involved in the incident:

Photo adapted from HardwareZone.

Neo appears to be a 33-year-old grassroots leader who was until 2017 a treasurer at Bukit Panjang CC, according to the People’s Association.

Screenshot from Neo’s LinkedIn profile. People’s Association clarified that Neo is no longer a treasurer as of 2017. 

He also lists himself to be part of the Young People’s Action Party’s Bukit Panjang division.

Forum users also found numerous photos of Neo with various political leaders posted to his Facebook page.

Photo adapted from HardwareZone.
Photo adapted from HardwareZone.
Photo adapted from HardwareZone.

While most users on the forum berated Neo for being too aggressive and entitled, some countered that he was just defending his chow chow in the incident.

Top images via Hardware Zone. 

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