GrabFood rider offers cancelled order to appreciative 76-year-old uncle in Serangoon


Tanya Ong | March 17, 12:03 pm


Food delivery orders occasionally go to waste when customers cancel, or when some wrong order gets made.

Thankfully, some riders manage to find a way not to let the food go to waste.

Take this one GrabFood delivery personnel, for instance, who shared how he gave the order away to a random person.

Gave food to random man

In the GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore Facebook group, Nur Mamat shared that a customer had keyed in the wrong address, which was 15km away from his location.

Grab then instructed him to dispose of the order, which appears to be from McDonald’s:

Photo via FB/Nur Mamat

However, the rider decided to give the food to a random man he met at Serangoon Central.

Photo via FB/Nur Mamat

Pleased with food

The 76-year-old man, according to Mamat, was really pleased by this gesture, saying that it was “good food” and that he wouldn’t have dared to buy such “expensive food”.

Mamat shared that watching the man eating happily made his day.


This is a screenshot of his Facebook post:

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Top photo via Nur Mamat’s Facebook post

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