Go-Jek driver has meltdown after intense S$7 dispute with passenger


Jonathan Lim | March 30, 11:41 am


Edit on Mar. 30 5:10pm: The article has been updated with a statement from Go-Jek

Another day, another epic argument between a passenger and private hire driver.

This time the video starts off with an elderly couple on the phone with Go-Jek’s customer service while at the back of a private hire car.

The problem?

The elderly man claimed that when he booked the ride, the fare showed S$14.10. However, the driver’s app showed S$21.10.

This presented an impasse and birthed a stress-inducing six-minute video.

Here’s the full video that was posted by a third party:

In case you can’t see it:

Here’s the full transcript

Elderly man (EM): (Speaking to the phone) Driver is telling me it is $21.

Go-Jek driver (GD): The app shows $21.10. (Folds arms)

*15 seconds of awkward silence*

GD: And there is a surge in pricing for your info hor.

*Another 10 seconds of awkward silence*

EM: (Speaking to the phone) It originally indicated $14.10 when I made the booking. Then suddenly when the driver came, yeah, it’s $21…

GD: (Interrupting) It shows in my app $21.10.

EM: (Raising palm, interrupting) I’m not saying you. I’m not arguing you … with you. I’m just telling…

GD: (Interrupting) Then you don’t waste my time. I’m driving to…

EM: (Interrupting) I’m not wasting your time, you tell me…

GD: (Interrupting) For $7! You want… I… I’m driving to earn my incentive you knowww!?

EM: You can drop me out.

GD: That’s what you … I cannot cancel! It’s not the problem!

EM: (Gesturing intensely at his phone) I’m talking to your people at the moment.

GD: $7 you want to make an issue? You waste my time. Eh! You’re driving Mercedes one is it?

EM: That’s none of your bloody business, please.

GD: (Raises finger) Please talk to me with respect.

EM: (Speaking to phone) $13.20? Yes, ok. I don’t know. Eh. Ya. What. Ya. Ok. Tell me that. What … ya. I don’t know. My point is when you indicated down there was $14.10, that’s what I’m trying to say. Ya. My point right now is this, he’s charging me $21…

GD: (Interrupting and pointing finger) I am not charging you! The app shows $21.10 it’s not my problem!

EM: (Speaking to phone) Your app is putting $21…

GD: (Interrupting and pointing finger) Don’t accuse me.

Female passenger (FP): (Pats GD on shoulder) Ok. Ok.

EM: (Speaking to phone) Your app is putting $21…

GD: (Interrupting and pointing finger) I’m not a millionaire like you.

EM gives a look at the comment:

EM: (Speaking to phone) You should have indicated down there! How can you put $14.10 and then it went up to twenty over dollars? It never happened before, I take Grab I never have this kind of occasion. Yes, so can you do something about it and really it’s not fair to him and it’s not fair to me too.

GD: Don’t make your problem to be my problem. Know? Brother.

EM: (Speaking to phone) Yes. Ok. So what do we do? Your driver wants it to get it out as soon as possible.

EM’s last comment seemingly triggers GD:

GD: I want to get it out? Don’t accuse me again.

EM: Please. Do you want to move, right?

GD: I want to move? You are the one that wants to stop the whole thing. Don’t make your problem to be my problem. Let me get this clear to you…

EM: (Speaking to phone) Please get your driver to bear with it.

GD: Bear with it? I’m driving to earn the incentive, you know that? I don’t earn $2,000 a day, you know? The incentive is only $205 for your info, you know?

EM: (Speaking to phone) Hello?

EM: (Speaking to FP) Got to wait. “Bear with me” he said. “Ask to wait” he said.

GD: For $7 you are kicking up a big fuss. Seriously.

EM: That’s not for you to decide.

GD: (Interrupting) Eh sorry you are in my car. It shows $21.10.

EM: (Interrupting) What do you want me to do?

FP: If we go out, you say you cannot…

GD: I cannot cancel, it will affect my acceptance rate. That’s the problem!

EM: Then what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?

GD: Then you want to kick up a big fuss.

EM: Ya, then what do you want me to do?

GD: If the app shows $21.10 then just $21.10. You think I want to cheat you of your money?

EM: I’m not saying saying you, chap! I’m saying Go-Jek is wrong.

GD: It’s ok. I already got a recording.

EM: Yes.

GD: Don’t worry, I’ll make it very big. Trust me, brother.

EM: Yes.

FP: Ok. Ok. Ok.

GD: If you can find on Facebook, I’ll make sure I’ll remember you.

EM: (Speaking to FP) Let’s go. Truly unlucky.

GD: You unlucky? Don’t make your problem to be my problem, you know? Sir!

EM: I never said it’s your problem…

GD: (Interrupting) But you are kicking up a fuss causing me inconvenience! That’s the problem! It becomes my problem!

EM: (Speaking to phone) Hello! Hello. Hello? (Speaking to FP) No answer.

FP: (Pats GD on shoulder) Let’s go on.

GD: Let’s go on?!

EM: Do you want to go? Or what do you want to do?

GD: $21.10 are you ok to pay?

FP: (Patting GD’s shoulder) Ok. Ok. Let’s go. Let’s go.

GD: I’m so sorry, sir. But I hope you understand.

EM: Go on. I will sort it out with Go-Jek.

FP: Ya. He will sort it out.

GD: (Interrupting and pointing fingers) And you don’t accuse me of charging you …

EM: (Interrupting) I didn’t accuse you …

GD: (Interrupting) No! Wait you know why? Because if you sort out with Go-Jek, Go-Jek will minus out the $7 from my account. Let me put it clear to you, anything it becomes driver problem. Always driver’s problem. That is the problem.

EM: Then that is something you got to sort out with Go-Jek.

GD: Don’t make it my problem to be your problem! You know that if you’re going to call Go-Jek, Go-Jek will deduct that $7 out from my wallet. Then it becomes my problem.

EM: Do you want to go or don’t you want to go?

GD: I ask you. Are you willing to pay the $21.10.

EM: For the moment I will sort it out with Gojek, I will pay you the $21. Ok?

GD: Thank you so much.

FP: We will pay you the $21.

EM: I will settle with Go-Jek.

GD: Thank you so much.


10 hours after the video was uploaded, it garnered over 1,200 shares and comments were mostly criticising the driver for his behaviour:

And of course you’ll find this comment:

Go-Jek has reached out to Mothership and provided a statement:

“We looked into this case as soon as it was brought to our attention, and have taken swift action to resolve the matter with both parties.

We want everyone to have a good experience when they use our services, which is why we do not tolerate impolite behaviour by any of our users, be they driver-partners or riders.”


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