Foodpanda delivery man continues to work despite limited mobility, inspires others with grit & resilience

Admirable spirit.

Mandy How | March 15, 03:48 pm


On March 5, 2019, Twitter user Joanna Cockle shared about a Food Panda delivery personnel on the job.

She had learnt about him from an unnamed Facebook user, and subsequently tweeted a screenshot of the Facebook post with her own thoughts.

Struggling up Cairnhill Circle

What made the delivery personnel different from your usual employee was the fact that he had to get around in a wheelchair.

Due to his limited mobility, the man appeared to be struggling up Cairnhill Circle in order to fulfil an order.

Thankfully, the Facebook user extended their help to push the delivery man uphill.

However, as the user had their newborn in a stroller, he was unable to help the delivery personnel for long — but others stepped in to offer their help.

Here’s a screenshot of the Facebook post by Cockle, in case you couldn’t see:

Another Twitter user revealed that the delivery personnel might be named Alson:

Cockle added that this really places things in perspective, especially when she’s grousing about late orders.

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Top image via @joannasuyin


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