S'pore guy discriminated for being 'fat', threatened with police & lawsuit by perpetrator in Popular bookstore

Police very busy these days.

Mandy How | March 11, 2019, 09:53 PM

On March 9, 2019, Facebook user Jan Rick Camara Mascarina shared an "interesting" experience he had with another customer at White Sands' Popular bookstore, where he was discriminated against due to his body size.

Mascarina was even threatened with the police and a lawsuit for directing vulgarities towards the woman who insulted him.

Items knocked to the ground

On Saturday, Mascarina and (presumably) his friend JJ were browsing for art supplies in the store when a woman in her 40s, who was looking at the products in the same aisle, walked past them.

As she walked past, however, some boxed items were knocked off the shelf.

As Mascarina thought that he was the one who knocked them over, he went to pick up the boxes to put them back.

However, when he did so, the woman allegedly "shook her head, let out a loud sigh, and with a visible black face, proceeded to pick up the other boxes from the floor".

Back-and-forth insults

Mascarina's friend, JJ, then pointed to the woman's huge shoulder bag -- the actual cause of the fallen boxes.

The follow conversation then occurred:

JJ [to Mascarina]: "What is her problem?"

Mascarina: “She knock things and I help her, still give me black face.”

Woman in her 40s: “It’s because you’re fat.”

JJ: "Wow."

Mascarina: "Are you serious right now?"

Woman: "You were blocking the way."

Mascarina: "You're a b*itch."

Woman: *Goes on a rant about vulgarities, the boys' age and upbringing, and threatens to call the police*

JJ: "You started it with a personal unnecessary insult."

Mascarina: "You’re an old f*cking b*tch with serious problems, don’t bring my parents into it.”

Woman: *Continues ranting*

The exchange then spiralled into insults between both parties.

Contacted her husband

At this point, the woman reportedly involved Popular's staff while asking Mascarina and his friend to stay put.

She also threatened to call the police while attempting to contact her husband.

In response to her threat, Mascarina saved her the time and dialled 999 for the first time in his life.

They group was escorted out of the store by Popular staff, and the woman's husband had arrived by then.

The woman, however, continued speaking to the staff in Mandarin, allegedly only focusing on the fact that Mascarina had used profanities on her.

Thankfully, Mascarina could speak Mandarin, and told her in the language that she should wait for the police and not just present her side of the story.

Lawsuit threats from the husband

When her husband asked Mascarina and JJ what had happened, Mascarina tried to explain the situtation to him, hoping that he could be a mediator.

Unfortunately, halfway through Mascarina's explanation, the husband reportedly told him, “I will sue you. I will bring you to civil court.”

The husband then:

  • Asked the Popular staff if there was CCTV footage in the outlet, supposedly for evidence of Mascarina's aggression
  • Called the police

Mascarina then stopped trying to explain anything and waited for the police to come instead.

But the woman apparently did not stop her antics.

"Even there, while awaiting police intervention, the woman continued rambling outside of the store, apologising to staff and focusing solely on the fact that I used profanities and how there were kids around, and she didn’t want to disrupt their business and pollute young minds.


Oh, and somewhere in there she manages to sneak in a 'Anyway it’s true what. He is fat!'"

Mascarina then told her to stop talking to him and leave it to the police, while sliding in another b*itch reference.

The woman's husband interjected, threatening to bring Mascarina to court once more.

Both parties stopped talking afterwards.

Advised to stay away from the couple

When the police arrived, they took statements from Mascarina and JJ, and advised them to stay away from the couple.

However, the law enforcers also added that the couple would be able to pursue the case, should they choose to do so.

Which boils down to why Mascarina decided to write this lengthy post without exposing the identity of the woman: To tell his side of the story, as objectively as he can, in order to defend himself if needed.

What a day.

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Top image via Jan Rick Camara Mascarina/Facebook and Fastblader/Google Maps