Deliveroo launches futuristic dine-in restaurant with 11 concepts, including Omakase Burger


Ashley Tan | March 15, 12:21 pm

On March 12, well-known food delivery company Deliveroo launched the Deliveroo Food Market, a dine-in space that offers food from up to nine restaurants.

The Food Market is located at one-north’s business park, [email protected], and boasts a 40-seater space with 10 kitchens.

Photo from Deliveroo

Zero interaction with servers or staff

If you aren’t feeling up to social interaction, this Food Market is the place to go.

The largely automated dining space allows customers to place their orders at digital kiosks with cashless payment.

They will then receive a notification on a digital board to collect their food at a designated cubby hole when it is ready.

Photo from Deliveroo

Numerous food options

There are 11 food concepts in the food market, serving a wide range of cuisines such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Greek and Western.

One such option is Omakase Burger.

Photo from Deliveroo

And back alley Japanese restaurant The Flying Squirrel is on the list as well:

Health-conscious customers can try Chop Shop, which serves grain bowls.

Photo from Deliveroo

South Korean fried chicken restaurant Bonchon will also be a part of the Food Market.

Other concepts include Vios and Lucky Souvlaki by Blu Kouzina, Ezo Hokkaido Eats, NamNam, Rasa Rasa and Delismith.

According to Business Insider, average prices hover around S$10 – S$12. Local dishes come slightly cheaper at around S$8, while some other mains can cost above S$20.

29 Media Circle #01-02/03, Singapore 138565

Opening Hours:
Daily, 11am – 2:30pm, 4:30pm – 9:30pm

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