Creative CEO personally comes down to IT Show to help customers with his products

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Guan Zhen Tan |Nyi Nyi Thet | March 10, 03:52 pm

Creative Technology is a household name in Singapore.

Much has been made of its tangles with Apple, and heading out to compete in the global market.

The CEO and Chairman of Creative, Sim Wong Hoo, has also struck up an astonishing amount of accolades throughout his career, including joining the billionaire’s club when he was just 45.

But the 63-year old has never once lost touch with his roots.

In an interview with The Straits Times, the founder of Creative revealed he is driving a Toyota Camry, and considers a trip to Malaysia as a getaway of sorts.

It is perhaps this steely humility that has allowed him to bounce back from some tough losses Creative has faced during their 38 years in market.

Bounce back, still humble

Recently, Creative Technology have been undergoing a resurgence in relevance and popularity.

Screenshot from Bloomberg

In no small part, this is thanks to their revolutionary Super X-Fi.

Image from Creative

Consumers can take a picture of their face and ear shape on the Super X-fi app.

This will create a listening experience, through an artificial intelligence engine, that will suit the listener best.


Image via Creative

As with all other technological advances, consumers might take some time and guidance to really get into it.

It’s really helpful to have employees at events like the IT Show that knows what they are talking about.

Take this man for example, who was spotted at the IT Show 2019 by Hardware Zone forum member, Shooterskull.

Image from Hardware Zone

This man is none other than Sim himself in the flesh, which impressed Shooterskull.

He said:

“Mad respect to the CEO for going down and literally talking to customers and selling them like a sales staff”

This is a sentiment echoed by many of the other forum members as well, given that a CEO being this hands-on is rarer than a guy playing a drum solo on a keyboard:

Screenshot via EDMW on Hardware Zone
Screenshot via EDMW on Hardware Zone
Screenshot via EDMW on Hardware Zone

Kudos to Sim.

Here’s an interview he gave to Zaobao:

Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo is sticking to S’pore, regardless

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