Chow Yun Fat personally visits & recommends single mum’s chee cheong fun stall in Hong Kong to boost sales

Chow often buys shrimp chee cheong fun and pork congee with dried vegetables from her.

Kayla Wong | March 6, 10:08 pm

Chow Yun Fat is a mega movie star from Hong Kong who promised to give away all his wealth to charity after he dies.

Chow Yun Fat, allegedly worth S$981 million, to give away whole fortune with S’porean wife’s blessing

His net worth is rumoured to be as much as HK$5.6 billion (approximately S$981 million).

Recently, he made the news again for helping a single mum turn her business around.

Single mum selling steamed rice noodle rolls to support two sons

Wang Lili, a widow with two sons, sells steamed rice noodle rolls, or chee cheong fun at Tai Po, a district located in the Eastern New Territories.

Image via OpenRice

According to HK01, after her husband passed away in 2013, she borrowed HK$100,000 (approximately S$17,300) from her family and opened a steamed rice noodle roll stall.

Unfortunately, the shop made hefty losses of HK$30,000 to HK$40,000 (approximately S$5,188 to S$6,918) each month.

When Wang had a chance to learn the traditional art of making steamed rice noodle rolls from a couple in Shenzhen, a Chinese city on the mainland, she took it.

The couple makes steamed rice noodle rolls from scratch using equipment made from stone.

Every morning, Wang wakes up early in the morning at 6am to go to Shenzhen in the hope that she could improve the quality of her food and attract more customers.

She was eventually recognised for the tireless efforts she put into her stall, and received a couple of media interviews.

Image via HK01

It was when Chow saw one of the interviews that he knew about her and her fledgling business.

Very thankful to Chow

Wang is thankful that Chow has given her support for her business.

She told HK01:

“I heard someone calling my name while I was working on a busy weekend. When I turned around and saw that it was Chow calling me, I was so surprised.

I feel incredibly lucky that such a huge movie star has actually come all the way to this remote place to support my business.

He has helped my business a lot. So many people come visit my stall now. I have him to thank for this.”

Image via OpenRice

Wang also said Chow often comes by to buy Sakura shrimp steamed rice noodle rolls, and pork congee with dried vegetables.

Image via OpenRice
Image via OpenRice

Wang continued:

“Although Chow is nonchalant about it, I’ve heard from many people that Chow has introduced them to my stall.

He’s really nice and doesn’t put on airs. I wish him good health, a happy life, and for his kindness to be rewarded.”

Frugal billionaire

Chow is known for his frugality.

He eats at street stalls often, is seen wearing simple and affordable clothing, and even takes public transport.

Image via Huo Tu Wang

He is known for accepting “selfie” requests from fans too.

Image via Hua Yu Xin Xian Shi

Cool dude.

Top image via HK01

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