9-year-old boy in NZ forgoes birthday gift, asks for flowers to pay respects at mosque instead

He also told his dad to donate the money he would otherwise have spent on his gift — a laptop he had wanted for some time.

Tanya Ong | March 18, 11:10 am


Following the terror attacks in New Zealand on March 15, 2019, New Zealanders have been finding ways to support the Muslim community.

They have donated money toward families of the victims, attended vigils, and left flowers and messages at mosques.

People in New Zealand show up at mosques to lay flowers & write messages of hope

Adding to this outpouring of support is a nine-year-old boy in New Zealand.

Wanted flowers for his birthday

According to a viral Facebook post by one Samuel Sen, he shared that his son, who just turned nine, said he wanted flowers for his birthday.

His son, known as Darsh, explained that he wanted to “take it to the mosque and pay (his) respects to the people who died in Christchurch”.

Photo via FB/Samuel Sen.
Photo via FB/Samuel Sen.

Decided to forgo birthday gift

Sen, knowing that his son had originally wanted a laptop for his birthday, was surprised by this gesture.

When he asked him about the laptop, Darsh told his father he could donate the money he would otherwise have spent on it to people who need it more in Christchurch.

He also added that he can use his father’s laptop for now.

Photo via FB/Samuel Sen.

Here’s his Facebook post:

Top photo via Samuel Sen’s Facebook post

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