10,000 men vying for durian seller's daughter & S$425,000, possible meet-up on April 1

The daughter too chill already.

Nyi Nyi Thet | Matthias Ang | March 05, 2019, 10:19 PM

You might have heard of the durian seller, Anont Rotthong, who has offered 10 million baht (S$425,000) to anyone who will win his daughter's heart.

Image from Anont

His initial criteria included the following, according to his Facebook post:

  • Someone who knows how to select and purchase durian, straight from the orchard.

That's about it.

The eventual man his daughter marries will get the aforementioned money, as well as 10 vehicles, a house, and two durian markets.

Image from Anont


What about the daughter

While one might expect some resistance from his daughter, Anont's daughter, Kanjasita, is almost terrifyingly chill with it.

Kanjasita, who has a master's degree, claims she understands and respects her father's decision.

She also listed out her own criteria in an interview with Thai media.

"I don't have a type, I just want a good man"

Image from Anon's Facebook

As any good HR person would tell you, these type of rather generic terms will lead to a lot of applicants.

10,000 suitors

According to Anont, the offer has led to over 10,000 applicants in less than three days.

This is of course a rather large number.

He has spoken of the endless calling, and has even urged people to stop calling him.

Here's how things might get decided as translated by Asiaone.

Anont laid out a challenge.

"Let's all meet on April 1. Pack all your clothes and necessities, and be prepared to stay and work in my durian plantation for three months."

If there is more than one of you left (after the three months), we will extend (the stint) for another three months... until there is only one man left."

Wha, shag.