Allegedly intoxicated lady in S’pore passes out in private hire car, driver thinks she’s dead

The driver unsuccessfully tried to wake her up for 15 minutes.

Sulaiman Daud |Kayla Wong | February 28, 06:23 pm

A woman in Singapore was allegedly so intoxicated she was mistaken for being dead and the police were called in to deal with it.

Photos of the woman and the incident were shared on Facebook on Feb. 27.

The Facebook caption said:

“This 27 year old girl is so drunk while taking private hire with her friends, when her friends tried to wake her up for 15 minutes she didn’t respond at all.

They thought she was dead and called the police and ambulance. When the emergencies services arrive she wake up eventually.”

Pic from Sg-share together.

Passed out during ride

According to Shin Min Daily News (SMDN), the incident supposedly took place on Sunday, Feb. 24 at around 3:30am.

A private hire driver drove the woman to Blk 109 Commonwealth Crescent.

She was allegedly walking unsteadily and “reeked of alcohol” when she got her private hire ride, but she managed to tell the driver where she wanted to go.

However, the lady supposedly did not budge once she reached her destination.

Did not stir

Upon realising that she wasn’t responding to him, the driver said he took an umbrella from the car and “lightly prodded” her.

Apparently, that didn’t work either.

The driver claimed that she still wasn’t moving after about 15 minutes.

Fearing that the woman had actually died in his car, he called the police and an ambulance.

Pic from Sg-share together’s Facebook page.

Personnel from the Singapore Civil Defence Force arrived, and managed to wake her up successfully.

According to a friend of the driver who contacted SMDN, the driver could not sleep that night because of the incident, and was still distraught days after.

However, the driver is glad that the lady is safe.

Drew critical comments

The Facebook post of the incident drew critical comments from commenters who felt that this shouldn’t be happening:

Screen shot from Sg-share together’s Facebook page.

One individual even insinuated that sexual assault on the lady would be an acceptable response, which drew swift condemnation by others:

Screen shot from Sg-shares together’s Facebook page.

Penalty for assaulting intoxicated people

Under Section 90 of the Penal Code, it is illegal to make any kind of advances on someone who has passed out and is unable to give consent.

In November 2017, a private hire driver was sentenced to jail for 16 months for outraging the modesty of his passenger, who was drunk and fell asleep.

And in November 2018, a male security guard was sentenced to six years jail and three strokes of the cane for performing oral sex on a drunk man who had collapsed in a Suntec City toilet.

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Top image from Sg-shares together’s Facebook page.

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