S’porean took a whiff of United Polaris Lounge by United Airlines & wished she had 24 hours there

It was an ephemeral experience.

Olivia Lin | Sponsored | February 18, 2019, 06:47 PM

If you’re a commoner like me who gets excited over extra meat from the chicken rice auntie, you’d probably not only appreciate, but also cling to every little taste of luxury you can get.

Like what I did when I visited the United Polaris Lounge in San Francisco.

Currently, there are five United Polaris lounges located across different U.S. states, including San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston.

United Polaris Lounge (SFO) opened in April 2018. Photo by Olivia Lin.

Ever since its opening, the United Polaris lounge has been a hot topic amongst travel bloggers around the world.

And if they were impressed by it, I was tenfold shook.

Just to provide you with some context, the lounge at San Francisco is a two-storey facility that spans 2,612.4, with a 500 pax seating space.

Translation: It’s massive.

Photo by Olivia Lin.

Sadly, I was only there for about two hours, so I didn’t have the chance to fully experience (and go full Singaporean on) every feature available, such as the sleeping suites, or try out the special cocktails at the bar.

Had I known that the lounge would be so fancy, I would’ve booked a later flight back home.

But I didn’t, so here’s a dreamt-up fantasy schedule of how I would spend an entire day at the United Polaris Lounge.

I call it The Affluent Insight To Achieving Indulgence (TAITAI) day.

TAITAI day part 1: Being clean

First, I would march straight to this corridor with nice, shiny lights on its ceiling.

Photo by Olivia Lin. Walking through this corridor made me feel grand, which is what TAITAI day is all about.

Because hidden behind those doors are the one of the most polished shared restrooms I’ve ever been in.

Omg the restrooms

Photo by Olivia Lin.

Even if I were bathed and cleaned, I would take a shower just to enjoy being inside the restroom. Photo by Olivia Lin.

Would you just look at this?!

When I first saw how spanking clean the bathrooms were, I had to resist the urge to rub my face all over the walls.

So on TAITAI day, I would totally take a long and warm shower, and make full use of the Saks Fifth Avenue towels and Cowshed bath and body products as much as I can.

Photo via United.

Since there’s laundry and clothes pressing services available, it’d be easy for me to get my dirty clothes taken care of.

After being all clean and refreshed, I’d then head to the bar for an aperitif. No, I wouldn’t care if was 9am in the morning.

TAITAI day part 2: Pre-breakfast drinks at the bar

Photo by Olivia Lin.

Photo by Olivia Lin.

The champagnes, wines, and beers can come later. I’d definitely start off with the Paper Plane cocktail, because it’s one drink that’d make me feel like a high-flyer.

Also, the combination sounds delicious, and the drink looks like this.

Screengrab via United video.

Once the aperitif has worked up an appetite, I’d go over to the buffet area to load up on breakfast foods.

TAITAI day part 3: Eating

You know a place is legit if they serve fruit water. Photo by Olivia Lin.

Photo by Olivia Lin.

Photo by Olivia Lin.

Calories don’t count on my fantasy day, so I’d stuff my face with assorted pastries, congee with extra fried shallots, omelette cups, granola, fancy things like apple french toast soufflé, and much more.

Think I’m done? No.

TAITAI day part 4: Eating again

I’d then scoot over to the Dining Room, a restaurant-type dining area with proper table service, just beyond the buffet space.

Photo by Olivia Lin.

It has a beautiful view of the hills.

Photo by Olivia Lin.

It also has a different menu.

Photo by Olivia Lin.

And because it has a different view and a different menu, I would eat again.

Three-egg omelette, silver dollar pancakes, and french toast special. Photo by Olivia Lin.

By now, I should be super full, satisfied, and sleepy, which means… nap time.

TAITAI day part 5: Beauty sleep

Being relaxed is key to a perfect TAITAI day, so for a post-breakfast slumber, I’d float down to one of the five sleeping suites.

I’d then melt into the Saks Fifth Avenue pillow and blanket, which by the way are two of the comfiest things I’ve ever felt.

Blanket not pictured here. Photo by Olivia Lin.

Oh, how I would sleep the heck out of the Saks Fifth Avenue pillow and blanket.

But to ensure I don’t melt into them too deep, I’d request for a wake up call two hours later.

TAITAI day part 6: Rested, relaxed, and ready to become even more rested and relaxed

There are 19 different types of seating in the lounge (and even private rooms with work desks), but this seat is my favourite.

There are charging points at almost every seat in the lounge. Photo by Olivia Lin.

It’s comfortably wide, has the right amount of privacy, and an L-shaped table for me to put my drinks, snacks, and laptop. Translation: It is the perfect Netflix and chill spot.

When the show-binge is done, I’d go to the bar, buffet, and dining room (again) for a lunch/ dinner-binge because like I said, calories don’t count.

TAITAI day finale: Repeat drinking and eating activities

Y’know what the perfect end to TAITAI day would be? The United Polaris burger.

I mean, c’mon it looks like this.

Nothing like a juicy patty with all the trimmings, sandwiched between two soft, pillowy buns. Photo via United Newsroom.

After a day of eating well and resting well, I should be feeling extremely contented and ready (not really) to fly back to Singapore to resume my commoner life.


Of course, you don’t have to be a taitai to experience the United Polaris Lounge.

The lounge can be accessed by all United business class travellers, as well as business class travellers under any Star Alliance airline. (Just chalk up those miles, you can do it.)

The lounge in this article is located at the San Francisco International Terminal, and opens from 6am to 12am daily. (Opening hours vary during different seasons.)

Watch this video to find out more:

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United now flies twice daily from Singapore to San Francisco. Translation: It is now easier for you to go to San Francisco.

This sponsored post in collaboration with United Airlines makes the people at Mothership.sg appreciate the finer things in life.