Pritam Singh & Chee Soon Juan visited Tan Cheng Bock during Chinese New Year

House visit.

Sulaiman Daud | February 6, 2019 @ 07:31 pm


Chinese New Year is a time for reunions, gatherings and house-visits.

And opposition politicians are no different.

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Chairman Paul Tambyah shared an intriguing photo on Facebook on the second day of Chinese New Year, Feb. 6.

Here it is:

Photo from Paul Tambyah’s Facebook page.

Yes, that’s Tambyah posing with former PAP MP and would-be-leader of the Progress Singapore Party Tan Cheng Bock, SDP’s Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan, and Workers’ Party Secretary-General Pritam Singh.

Tambyah said he was visiting Tan for the Chinese New Year holiday. His caption read:

Enjoyed CNY visiting Dr Tan Cheng Bock with friends and colleagues working for a better Singapore for all of us”

Others visited the Open House

Other opposition politicians also dropped by to say hi to Tan, like Lim Tean of the People’s Voice.

According to People’s Power Party leader Goh Meng Seng, it was an Open House event.

Photo from Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss’s Facebook page.

Previous discussion of coalition

Tan and Chee have previously met to discuss the possibility of forming a political coalition, along with representatives from a number of opposition parties, back in July 2018.

Chee even proposed that Tan lead this potential coalition, given his experience.

However on Jan. 18, Tan announced his return to politics with the formation of a new party of his own, the Progress Singapore Party (PSP).

It should be noted that neither Singh nor any Workers’ Party member were present at the July 2018 meeting.

There has been no official announcement on how the opposition parties will work with Tan’s new party, or whether they would even be inclined to do so.

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Top image from Paul Tambyah’s Facebook page.

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