Stephen Chow finally confirms ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ film sequel

But it may not be called 'Kung Fu Hustle 2'.

Matthias Ang | February 14, 2019 @ 05:38 pm


Good news, Stephen Chow fans.

The actor-director himself has confirmed that a sequel to “Kung Fu Hustle” is currently in the works.

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This was reported by Hong Kong website HK01.

Chow made the announcement while promoting his newest film, “The New King of Comedy”, in Guangzhou.

A spiritual sequel

Chow elaborated that the film will not be a direct sequel per se, but rather a thematic successor of sorts:

Actually, it won’t be so much a ‘Kung Fu Hustle 2′; it will be a standalone modern-day kung fu story set in a foreign country, but it will have a similar direction and concept as ‘Kung Fu Hustle’.”

For those of you who have forgotten, “Kung Fu Hustle” first came out in 2004. It set a record for a Chinese film’s opening weekend here in Singapore with a box office haul of S$1.89 million, according to the Straits Times (ST).

Unclear if he will be acting in the film

When asked if he will be acting in the sequel, Chow reportedly appeared to ponder it a little, before asking, “Can I?”

Someone in the audience shouted that Chow can take any role, even that of a calefare, to which the actor-director said he is too old to play a calefare role.

Chow also reportedly said he is not able to fight like he did before, triggering suggestions from the crowd that he can play someone getting beaten up, which prompted Chow to respond, “We can do that.”

ST reported that Chow’s last major acting role was 11 years ago in 2008’s “CJ7”, which he also directed.

Since then, Chow has continued to produce, direct and write.

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Previous rumours of sequels were false

One of the biggest reasons why Chow’s announcement is so significant now is because past rumours of a sequel to the 2004 film turned out to be false.

According to Yahoo, Chow denied rumours that a sequel was in the works as recently as in 2017.

And as far back as in 2005, Chow had raised the possibility of filming a sequel in 2006, although it seems nothing more came of that announcement.

It looks like fans can have more hope this time round, though.

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