Starbucks Japan to introduce gorgeous new sakura-themed merchandise from Feb. 15


Zhangxin Zheng| February 09, 12:47 PM

Sakura season is around the corner.

For those going to Japan to check it out, here's something you might want to check out at as well.

Starbucks Japan is releasing a series of Sakura-themed merchandise this season.

The collection includes Sakura-designed cups, pouches, notebooks and cards.

Cherry blossom pink merchandise

The first collection, the cherry blossom pink series, will be released on Feb. 15.

The pink series celebrates the start of the season just as the cherry blossoms bloom.

Photo from Starbucks Japan Facebook.

Here are the prices, not excluding tax:

Photo from Starbucks Japan Facebook.

  1. Clear Blossom Bottle (500ml) 2,100 yen (~S$26)
  2. Blue Bottle (355ml) 2,000 yen (~S$25)
  3. Petal Tumbler (473ml) 2,000 yen (~S$25)
  4. Petal Slim Handy Stainless Bottle (400ml) 4,300 yen (~S$53)
  5. Grace Handy Stainless Bottle (500ml) 4,500 yen (~S$56)
  6. 6 Flying Petal Double-Walled Stainless Bottle (355ml) 3,500 yen (S$43)
  7. Grace Double-Walled Stainless Bottle355ml) 3,600 yen(available online only) (~S$44.50)
  8. Layered Covered Stainless Bottle (355ml) 3,900 yen (~S$48)
  9. Matte Pink Stainless Logo Bottle (473ml) 4,100 yen (~S$51)
  10. Pink Bottle (355ml) 2,000 yen (available online only) (~S$25)
  11. Sakura Shape Double-Walled Glass (237ml) 2,400 yen (available online only) (~S$30)
  12. Clear Drop Double-Walled Glass (237ml) 2,400 yen (~S$30)
  13. Blossom Stainless ToGo Logo Tumbler (355ml) 3,600 yen (~S$44.50)
  14. Blossom Stainless Mug (355ml) 2,800 yen (~S$35)
  15. Grace Mug (355ml) 2,100 yen (~S$26)
  16. Stationery Pouch 2,000 yen (~S$25)
  17. Nakameguro Journal Book 1,900 yen (~S$23.50)
  18. Journal Book 1,900 yen (~S$23.50)
  19. Blossom Beverage Card 620 yen (~S$8)
  20. Nakameguro Beverage Card 620 yen (~S$8)
  21. Nakameguro Mug (355ml) 1,500 yen (~S$18.50)

Cherry blossom red merchandise

The cherry blossom red series will be released on Feb. 25.

Having a warmer colour tone, this series is designed to showcase the floral season.

Photo from Starbucks Japan Facebook.

Here are the prices, exclusive of tax:

Photo from Starbucks Japan Facebook.

  1. Gloss Stainless Create Your Tumbler (473ml) 2,900 yen (~S$36)
  2. Breeze Pink Stainless Tumbler (355ml) 3,500 yen (~S$43)
  3. Colourful Tumbler (355ml) 1,800 yen (~S$22)
  4. Double-Walled Sunny Bottle Dancing (473ml) 2,500 yen (~S$31)
  5. Lively Stainless Bottle (480ml) 4,600 yen (~S$57)
  6. Bright One-Touch Stainless Bottle (450ml) 4,400 yen (~S$54)
  7. Charm Tumbler Vivid Pink (355ml) 1,900 yen (~S$23)
  8. Colourful Stainless Tumbler (355ml) 3,500 yen (~S$43)
  9. Nakameguro Glass (384ml) 1,300 yen (~S$16)
  10. Embossed Line Mug (355ml) 2,000 yen (available online only) (~S$25)
  11. Bright Pink Mug (355ml) 2,100 yen (~S$26)
  12. Breeze Stainless Tumbler Ivory (355ml) 3,500 yen (available online only) (~S$43)
  13. Blanket and Case 2,300 yen (~S$28)
  14. Coaster Set 1,900 yen (~S$23.50)
  15. Double-Walled Stainless Bottle Dancing (355ml) 3,500 yen (available online only) (~S$43)
  16. Bloomy Handy Stainless Bottle (400ml) 4,300 yen (~S$53)
  17. Silicon Lid Stainless Cup Charm (355ml) 3,100 yen (~S$38)
  18. Petals Mug (355ml) 1,500 yen (~S$18.50)

Sakura flavoured drinks

Along with the merchandise, one can also taste Sakura through the two seasonal drinks - Full Sakura Milk Latte and Full Sakura Frappuccino.

The Sakura milk latte has a light Sakura flavour, topped with whipped cream and strawberry chocolate shavings while the Sakura Frappuccino has pink and red strawberry jellies in it.

Photo from Starbucks Japan Facebook.

Both drinks will be available at Starbucks outlets in Japan on Feb. 15.

The Frappuccino, which only comes in "Tall" size, costs 580 yen each (about S$7) and will be in-store till Feb. 27.

The milk latte will be available until Mar. 19 in four sizes:

Short: 440 yen (~S$5.50)

Tall: 480 yen (~S$6)

Grande: 520 yen (~S$6.50)

Venti: 560 yen (~S$7)

Here's hoping they once again make their way to Singapore.

H/T: Soranews

Top photo collage from Starbucks Japan