34 S'pore prison inmates took A-Level exams behind bars. The top scorer clinched 5 As & 1 B.

More than half qualified for university, polytechnic and private degree courses.

Jeanette Tan | February 23, 2019, 12:18 PM

Earlier this year on Jan. 15, Senior Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs Amrin Amin shared an insider's view of some 61 students who sat for the O-Level exams and received their results behind bars.

For 34 slightly older inmates attending the Tanah Merah Prison School, their turn came on Friday, Feb. 22 with the release of the A-Level results.

Just like their O-Level counterparts, the A-Level students received their results on the same day as junior college and private students all over the island.

But that didn't stop them from doing well — according to Amrin, five qualified for full-time local university courses, while 16 others did well enough to apply for polytechnic and private degree courses here.

And their top scorer probably did better than many of us who took our A-Level exams before them, clinching five As and a B.

In his Facebook post, Amrin said "it shows great spirit and character" of those who attempted the A-Levels, and from recalling our own dark past going through it, we can't help but agree.

Well done, guys — here's to a new beginning whether you've still got some time to go, plan to try again or are looking forward to your release. :)

You can read Amrin's post in full here:

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Top photo via Amrin Amin's Facebook page