S’poreans will be able to use automated immigration clearance facilities in New Zealand

Less queues woohoo.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 11, 07:00 pm


From Feb. 12, 2019, Singaporeans going to New Zealand will hopefully have a easier time passing through immigration.

That is because of a reciprocal automated immigration clearance agreement between Singapore and New Zealand, announced by our Immigration and Checkpoints Authority on Monday.

That means Singaporeans can access eGates in New Zealand customs.

eGates are applicable to anyone who is 12 years or older.

These are the current passports allowed to use eGates:

New Zealand
the United Kingdom
the United States
China (excluding Hong Kong)

You can read about the other things you need to have here.

The reciprocal agreement means some New Zealanders can apply for the free traveller program as well.

“Holders of New Zealand passports aged six and above who are holding a passport with more than six months’ validity and have visited Singapore at least twice in the past two years are eligible to apply for Singapore’s Frequent Traveller Programme (FTP).”


Top photo via New Zealand Tourism website

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