Woman in South Korea flings 3-month-old puppy after pet shop owner didn't want to give her a refund

The woman is remorseful and said she will volunteer at stray dog shelters.

Sulaiman Daud| February 13, 03:41 PM

A woman in South Korea allegedly grabbed and flung a puppy over a pet shop counter after a dispute with the shop owner.

Here's a rather disturbing gif below (you have been warned):

Gif from Yonhap News' YouTube channel.

According to Korean news site Dispatch, the puppy unfortunately sufferedcerebral haemorrhage after it fell to the ground.

It died the next day.

Woman assumed the pet shop owner had deceived her

The woman had reportedly bought the three-month-old Maltese puppy from a pet shop in Gangneung, Gangwon province in South Korea.

However, she assumed that the puppy was ill when it ate its own droppings.

Even though this is not uncommon behaviour for a young puppy, and they eventually grow out of the habit, the woman believed the pet shop had deceived her about the puppy's health.

She called the shop owner and asked for a refund, but he refused.

The woman then visited the shop, together with her husband and the puppy. When the shop owner still refused to give her a refund, the woman became angry.

That's when she allegedly hurled the puppy at him.

Woman "didn't know" puppy would die

According to news site Allkpop, which cited an interview conducted by Yonhap News, the woman said she "didn't know" the puppy would die if she allegedly flung it.

She said:

"The owner said he could give me a refund but he didn't want to because he was upset (with me), so I threw it out of anger. I didn't know it would actually die."

She added that she was remorseful for her actions:

"The next day, I calmed down and I sent a lengthy text message, apologising to the owner and the puppy. I was shocked to hear the puppy has died. I'm very apologetic to the puppy and I'm regretful of my actions. I don't think I could forgive myself.

I admit I've done something worthy of criticism. I don't want to blow things up anymore. I will reflect on my actions for the rest of my life and will volunteer at stray dog shelters."

Top image from Yonhap News