McDonald’s S’pore now has popcorn caramel soft serve, sundae & McFlurry

Came out of nowhere.

Mandy How | February 11, 05:30 pm


McDonald’s Singapore has launched another new dessert flavour.

Popcorn caramel soft serves, sundaes, and McFlurries have quietly appeared at dessert kiosks across the island.

There are three versions of soft serves: Original popcorn caramel, popcorn caramel with a vanilla twist, and a chocolate-dipped cone.

Facebook page Singapore Atrium Sale has even reviewed it.

According to them, it’s “not bad for this price” and actually tastes like caramel popcorn.

And “this price” starts from S$1 for a soft serve (at heartland areas).

In case you can’t see the photos:

Photo by Singapore Atrium Sale
Photo by Singapore Atrium Sale
Photo by Singapore Atrium Sale

The most expensive item is the McFlurry version, which costs S$3.

Photo by Singapore Atrium Sale

Click here to locate the nearest dessert kiosk.

Top image via Mcdonald’s Singapore and Singapore Atrium Sale

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