Australia has come up with a Mi Goreng scented candle that you can order online

To be paired with a romantic Indomie dinner.

Guan Zhen Tan | February 11, 12:20 pm


Australian pop-culture clothing and accessory company Grey Lines produces novelty items and gifts.

Now, they’ve even come up with a mi goreng scented candle.

Here it is.

Photo via Grey Lines’ website

Since it’s not explicitly stated, it’s not known for sure whether the candle is based on the famed Indomie instant noodles, or if it’s based on a generic noodle-like scent.

The candle lasts for approximately 30 hours.

If you’d like to get this candle,  it’ll set you back a total of about AUD$39.90 (S$38.43) after standard shipping:

Screenshot via Grey Lines’ website
Screenshot via Grey Lines’ website

Orders over S$100 are also entitled to free shipping to Singapore as well.

Screenshot via Grey Lines’ website

The same amount of money could get you a steady supply of the actual Indomie noodles, which sounds like the more tempting option – unless the novelty of the candle makes for an appropriate gift to yourself or a friend.

You can buy it at Grey Line’s website here.

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Top image via Amazon and Grey Lines’ website

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