M’sians hit all Chinese people with heavy metal Chinese New Year song with feels

More Cookie Monster than cookie cutter.

Belmont Lay | February 9, 06:25 pm


Had just about enough of the usual dong dong qiang Chinese New Year music?

Then this following 150 bpm CNY song that is mostly dong dong dong dong dong dong double-pedal drumming with guttural bellowing would be your thing:

It is a cautionary tale with a plot twist at the end that is supposed to hit you in the feels.

Malaysian production

Filmed by the creative folks up north, this production assembled the who’s who of Malaysia’s online influencer video scene, with legit original music featuring low Cookie Monster growling and mud thick riffs.

Although the outdoor scenes looked like they were shot in Singapore — because there appears to be an MRT track in the background in some shots — the makers of the video, Grim Film, confirmed it was shot in Malaysia.

Not inspired by Japanese ad

Probably due to the high production values and regular-people-doing-metal concept, one comment on the video asked if the Malaysians were influenced by a Japanese Van Houten Cocoa ad from a few years ago:

Grim Film responded that it was a coincidence.

But what isn’t coincidental is the presentation and the message of the video, designed with addressing ingrates in mind.

Because there is nothing that screams respect your elderly grandparents like a CNY song that screams respect your elderly grandparents right in your face.

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