New historical Chinese drama features Yanxi Palace cast in another battle of wits & scheming

Another series to binge-watch. Yay.

Mandy How | February 4, 01:48 pm

  1. The Legend of Hao Lan might just abate your withdrawal symptoms from Yanxi Palace.

Ascending palace ranks once more

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Wu Jinyan (previously Wei Yingluo in Yanxi Palace) plays the titular Li Haolan, and is once again cast with Nie Yuan (previously Emperor Qian Long) as she ascends palace ranks to become Empress Dowager Zhao Ji — the queen who birthed Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor to unite China.

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Set in the Warring States Era, the story begins when Li Haolan (Wu Jinyan) is forced out of her home after being set up by her step-mother.

She is then sold as a slave, who Lu Buwei (Nie Yuan) purchases and gifts to royal Yang Yiren (Mao Zijun), thus ensuing a love triangle.

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Nine cast members from Yanxi Palace

Besides Yingluo and Emperor Qianlong, seven more members of the Yanxi cast reunite in this new drama.

Here’s a quick look at them.

1. Ming Yu as Physician Yin Xiao Chun

Source: Mydramalist

2. Consort Gao Ningxin as Consort Hua Yang

Source: Ewang

3. Head Eunuch Li Yu as Prime Minister Zhao Sheng

Source: Nite00wl/YouTube

4. Yuan Chun Wang as King Xiaowen (Qin royal)

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Because he looks so vastly different, here’s a refresher of how he looks in Yanxi:

Source: Dreampanda

5. Hong Zhou as Prince Jiao

Source: Pikbee
Source: Pikbee

In case you can’t remember, Hong Zhou was Emperor Qianlong’s brother in Yanxi.

6. Noble Consort Yu as Attendant Xiao Hong Ye

Source: Gogonews
Source: Gogonews

In Yanxi, Noble Consort Yu gave birth to the fifth crown prince, who was afflicted with jaundice and almost executed.

Yingluo eventually saves the infant.

7. Consort Shu as Consort Xiu Yu

Source: Pikbee

Consort Shu was one of the villains who tried, on multiple occasions, to set up Yingluo in Yanxi.

The drama has 62 episodes and has just started airing on IQiyi (Chinese streaming platform, not available in Singapore unfortunately) recently, so you might want to wait a while before starting to binge watch.

In the meantime, you can watch some trailers to prep yourself:

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