Kim Jong-un smoked in China en route to Vietnam


Belmont Lay | February 26, 2019, 03:50 PM

How do you smoke autocratically?

Here's how:

Habitual smoker

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, a habitual smoker, has been filmed by Japan's TBS TV taking a pre-dawn smoke break on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at a train station in China hours before his arrival in Vietnam.

Kim was on his way to his second summit with President Donald Trump over North Korea's nuclear weapons and missiles.

The video showed Kim lighting up and taking drags on a cigarette and talking with North Korean officials at China's Nanning rail station.

He can be seen pacing up and down.

Sister held ashtray

A woman who appeared to be his sister Kim Yo-jong, also a powerful individual in North Korea, is seen holding a crystal ashtray.

Kim arrived in Vietnam later on Tuesday after an almost 70-hour train ride that cut through southern China.

Kim is frequently seen with a cigarette in his hands, despite pushing a nationwide anti-smoking campaign in North Korea.

In 2017, North Korea's state broadcaster showed him casually smoking in front of one of his liquid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles as it underwent preparations for a test launch.