S'porean lady flies all the way back from Australia to take graduation pictures with grandpa

Warms the heart.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 28, 2019, 11:56 PM

Ranie's grandparents helped take care of her quite a bit when she was young.

Her parents were often away for work, so her grandparents were her main caretakers when she was growing up.

It is no surprise then that as soon as she graduated from her school in Australia, her thoughts immediately turned to her grandparents, specifically her grandfather, who was not doing too well health-wise.

He had suffered a stroke in early 2018, and couldn't walk as well as he did before.

She was, understandably so, worried about her grandfather's long-term health.

Going for a graduation ceremony all the way in Australia was, of course, quite unrealistic an undertaking for the elderly folk.

Bring the graduation to him

Ranie had an idea to circumvent this issue.

She brought the graduation to him.

Flying all the way back from Australia, she engaged the services of Little Panny, a boutique studio at 47 Sunrise Drive.

Ray, co-head of Jen Pan photography, of which Little Panny is a subsidiary of, responded to Mothership queries about the actual photoshoot.

Ranie had not only looked for them for the photoshoot, she had bought the tickets back to Singapore herself:

"Not forgetting it was tough for a student to buy a ticket back just to spend some time with her grandpa. It was very thoughtful and also inspiring"

Ray delved into why Ranie might have wanted to engage that photoshoot:

"I'm sure many of us thought of something we want to do with our loved ones but put it off until there was no chance to do so. She didn't want to live that regret."

As for the photoshoot itself:

"The session was heartwarming seeing how she took great care of grandpa and it was especially emotional when grandpa asked her when she will be leaving again."

Here are the photos.

Image from Little Panny

Image from Little Panny

Image from Little Panny

Image from Little Panny

Image from Little Panny

Image from Little Panny

Image from Little Panny

Image from Little Panny

With this perhaps being the most poignant of all.

Image from Little Panny


Image collated from Little Panny Photography. You can see more of their photos at Littlepannyphoto and Jenpanphotography