'Is it because I'm Chinese?' catchphrase remixed into latest club hits

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Matthias Ang | February 03, 2019, 05:17 PM

First there were the memes.

Now come the remixes.

The words exchanged between a Go-Jek driver and his belligerent female passenger has inspired Singaporeans to create the hottest remixes in Singapore this year.

And 2019 has barely started.

In case you regard “Under a rock” as home, here's a condensed video capturing the key portions from the original seven-minute clip recorded and uploaded by the driver:

Suffice to say, "Is it because I'm Chinese?" has since taken on a whole new life of its own, largely due to its tone-deaf delivery by the passenger at the end of the recorded confrontation.

Remixed as rap and EDM

In one of the hot remixes, the words from the argument were used to compose lyrics in the form of a rap.

The video, posted by Muhammad Hanis Idris, has since racked up more than 9,000 shares.

Another remix saw a local DJ known as DJ XƎN mix "Is it because I'm Chinese?" with the music and lyrics of an actual rap called Made in China.

Here's the original Made in China rap for those of you who are curious:

Meanwhile, another local DJ called Inquisitive posted a video on Instagram showing him mixing "Is it because I'm Chinese?" as a part of a circuit music track.


Why is this line in particular sticking?

Much of it has to with what many viewers saw as the hysterical behaviour of the woman and ultimately, a member of Singapore's majority race behaving in an unreasonable manner towards a member of one of Singapore's minority races.

The moment the passenger uttered the line,"Is it because I'm Chinese?", you could hear the entire nation collectively gasp because she actually went there.

For many viewers in Singapore, the fact that race was played as a victim card crossed the line of no return.

Her behaviour also stood in stark contrast to the driver’s professional and collected manner throughout the entire argument, without losing his temper.

For better or for worse, it looks like the phrase "Is it because I'm Chinese?" is here to stay for a while.

Or forever.

Here's the original video of the argument:

Memes of the argument:

The status of the driver so far:

Top image screenshots from Muhammad Hanis Idris Facebook and Inquisitive Instagram