Passenger allegedly told S’pore Go-Jek driver ‘bye bye’ before running away without paying fare

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Guan Zhen Tan | February 7, 03:15 pm


Incidents of taxi fare evasion have made the news, with 150 cases reported a month in 2016.

With private hire vehicles, the practice of fare evasion is less common as details of the rider are readily retrievable, which makes tracing the culprit a lot easier.

But that has not stopped one person in Singapore from making the run for it after a Go-Jek ride.

Fare evasion on Go-Jek

According to a Facebook post by a Go-Jek driver, a passenger picked up from Block 632A Choa Chu Kang North 6 on Jan. 25 morning ran off after the ride.

The destination was Block 348 Tampines Street 33, and the fare came up to about S$47.80 after adding in ERP charges.

The trip, as arranged via the Go-Jek app, was to be paid by cash.

However, upon arrival, the passenger said he did not have money on him, and claimed that he would get his brother to transfer money to the driver via the PayLah app.

Waited for 30 minutes

The passenger, who is named Joey according to the driver’s Facebook post, pretended to wait for his brother for 30 minutes before making a run for it.

He apparently said “Bye bye” before leaving the vehicle.

Screenshot via Sarah Leong’s Facebook post

Reported to Police

The incident was reported to the police, and the post included a photo of the police report:

Screenshot via Sarah Leong’s Facebook post

This was what the report said:

On the 25/01/2019, at about 7.08am, I fetched a passenger from 632A Chua Chu Kan north 6 using the GoJek app. The arrangement was to pay the fare by cash, with additional 2 dollars for ERP charges. Subsequently, I then dropped him off at 346 Tampines St 33 at about 8 am. The fare was $47.80/- inclusive of the S$2/- for the ERP. The passenger informed me that he had no money with him and that [he] would arrange for his brother to PayLah to me. After waiting for about half an hour, the brother of the passenger still did not Paylah the money to me. The passenger ran away and did not come back.

According to the report, this incident happened on Jan. 25, before the other viral Go-Jek incident, which took place on Jan. 31.

The driver in the other incident has been called up to be interviewed by the Land Transport Authority on Jan. 7, following a complaint lodged against him.

S’pore Go-Jek driver records video of passenger accusing him of kidnap when he clearly didn’t

In case you can’t see the post, here’s what it said:

Dear Drivers,
Beware of this guy by the name of Joey 8768XXXX. Pick up from blk632A Choa chu kang north 6 to blk348 Tampines street 33 this morning 7.08am Fare:$45.80 +$2 erp
He will pretend just open door n walk away while reached destination. He will pretend to say he will ask his brother to paylah me. After waiting for 30mins he open the door n run away.
When he runs off he still says bye bye. Please beware of such person. It can happen to me it can happen to anyone

Top image adapted via Sarah Leong’s Facebook post

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