Thousands of synchronised Shaolin practitioners doing insane CNY performance is what China is about

Discipline and organisation.

Kayla Wong | February 12, 12:30 am


If you want a glimpse of what China can pull off when it organises itself into an unwavering, disciplined unit, look no further than the country’s recent 2019 Chinese New Year performance featuring thousands of Shaolin practitioners moving in unison without losing a beat:

Highly synchronised performance by Shaolin practitioners

Audiences around the world are mindblown by what they saw.

The Facebook video has been watched more than five million times in a week.

The Spring Festival Gala, by Chinese state media CCTV, is the world’s most watched television programme.

It even holds a Guinness World Record for viewership figures.

The show has a yearly viewership of 700 million viewers, according to various sources.

Here are some snippets of their performance.

GIF adapted via CGTN/YouTube
GIF adapted via CGTN/YouTube
GIF adapted via CGTN/YouTube

The Shaolin Temple, which is arguably the most famous monastery in China, is known for its association with Chinese martial arts, and has been featured in many martial art films.

Touched Chinese audiences

Many Chinese viewers were awed by the performance.

Screenshot via Ba Quan Su Bao/Weibo

I just feel like crying whenever I see such things.

Screenshot via Ba Quan Su Bao/Weibo

I’m proud to say that my little cousin is in there, but I don’t know which one he is (crying laughing emoji)

Screenshot via CCTV/Weibo

I had goosebumps. The show was so good. Performers, thanks for your hard work. Happy Chinese New Year.

Screenshot via CCTV/Weibo

This is probably something that only us Chinese can do (heart emoji)

Wowed international audiences

It wasn’t just the Chinese who were impressed.

Chinese media said the performance was so breathtaking that it managed to wow foreigners too.

Sina Entertainment claimed that both Japanese and Western viewers were gobsmacked by the performance, with one foreign mother exclaiming she wished her child had even 1 percent of the discipline displayed by the Shaolin performers.

A Weibo post of the performance, that received over 2,500 reposts and more than 14,000 likes, said that foreign audiences were stunned by the amazing display.

Translation: Tonight’s performance by Shaolin masters and students stunned netizens from overseas, with many saying the show was legendary. Many of them even thought it was done using computer-generated imagery (CGI). Watch the performance again, and feel proud of our motherland!

Certain English comments on YouTube, presumably written by non-Chinese viewers, reflected similar sentiments as well.

Screenshot via CGTN/YouTube
Screenshot via CGTN/YouTube
Screenshot via CGTN/YouTube
Screenshot via CCTV/YouTube

Best comment yet in relation to Superbowl halftime show:

High viewership this year

This year’s programme has been lauded by Chinese media to have outdone itself and achieved a record 1.12 billion views worldwide.

However, the figure has been disputed, as the numbers meant there were a whopping 42 million more viewers who tuned in this year as compared to last year, and that the show received an online approval rating of almost 97 percent.

The number seems even more questionable when considering the show’s declining viewership and popularity that even the country’s state-run tabloid Global Times admitted to.

You can watch the four-minute performance here:

Top image via CCTV/YouTube

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