S$2.50 Kway Chap set sold by mother & son duo at Hougang food centre

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Mandy How | February 1, 06:35 pm


If you thought that hawker food under S$3 is going extinct, you might want to visit this stall.

Lai Xing Cooked Food in Hainanese Village Centre, Hougang, sells a kway chap set for just S$2.50.

This was spotted by Facebook user Ozones 南瓜頭, whose post has now accumulated over 1,800 shares:

The caption reads,

Ah Ma, how much is a serving of kway chap?
What! S$2.50?
Okay! One more bowl of kway, I thought I’ll have no change if I paid S$3.
But the Ah Ma gave me a change of 10 cents!
A bowl of kway is 40 cents? Omg!

Address: Hougang Hainanese Village Centre Ave 1
Unit S$02-09

In case you can’t see the photos:

Photo by Ozones 南瓜頭 on Facebook
Photo by Ozones 南瓜頭 on Facebook
Photo by Ozones 南瓜頭 on Facebook
Photo by Ozones 南瓜頭 on Facebook

Here’s the menu from another photo posted in the comments section by the same user:

Photo by Ozones 南瓜頭 on Facebook

And it is almost shockingly affordable, with the most expensive item coming in at S$1.20.

Meat and other innards go for S$1, while the rest of the ingredients, such as egg and tofu, are below a dollar per serving.

Mother and son duo

The operation is run by a mother son duo, and their food has kept the customers coming over the years:

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I’m not sure just how long this stall has been around, but the standard has never dipped on any of my numerous visits. . This mother-son operation is almost captivating in it’s mechanical efficiency. You’re first greeted with the sight of the mother behind a glass screen, like the pilot of a robot, expertly butchering their piles upon piles of braised pork innards and meats. The son then readies up bowls of the thin rice noodle sheets, adds in a splash of the gravy all the meat is braised in, and serves it up to the hungry customer. . The rice noodles are thin and translucent, retaining a texture that threads the thin line between delicate and mushy. . The meat is fantastic. Everything braised together in one pot, from the large intestine, to the uterus, the tongue, the belly.. it’s an all-star swine show. And everything is executed to near perfection, with no foul odour from the innards at all. . Special mention for the tongue. It’s a playground of textures for your mouth. The connecting area is fatty and wobbly, the middle part is dense, heavy and meaty, and the tip is tender, meaty and fatty, almost like the belly. . Lai Xing amazes me with its consistency, for so many years, and judging by the amount of people I see still ordering from the store, I’m confident they’ll continue to amaze me for many more years. . #sgfood #sgfoodies #instafood_sg #instafood #feedfeed #singaporefood #makan #foodgram #foodporn #sgeats #foodphotography #eatbooksg #2millionrangers #burpple #foodstagram #igsg #whati8today #foodiesg #kwaychap

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www.jiak.sg The most affordable Kway Chap in SG I’ve Jiak (eaten). $2.50 for ingredient n Kway Lor. Good: Cheap n good. Soup has my 古早味 (old school taste), mild soya sauce, cinnamon and anise star taste. Ingredient nice braised. Most important is you see a Ah Ma (Granny) still chopping the ingredient for you! (Last visit never saw her, so glad to see her healthy n preparing the ingredient). Bad: Wu Siao Bo(I’m not mad)? $2.50 still got complaint I’m in-human le. TQ to the stall for providing such dish at such affordable price Lor. Lai Xing Cooked Food Address: 105 Hougang Avenue 1, #02-09 s530105 Hougang 105 Hainanese Village Operation Hour: 0630~1400 hrs Visit our website at www.jiak.sg for more good #eat 😊 #sgfood #foodsg #igsg #sgig #singaporefood #singapore #famousfood #hawkerfood #sghawker #sghawkerfood #yummy #food #foodig #igfood #foodporn #sgfoodporn #foodpic #sgfoodies #igsgfoodies #foodgasm #instafood #shiok #jiak #jiakdotsg #kwaychap

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05 Hougang Avenue 1 #02-09 Hainanese Village Centre, Singapore 530105

Opening Hours: 6.30am – 2pm daily

Top image via Ozones 南瓜頭/Facebook

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