BuzzFeed reporter says foreigners shouldn't celebrate Lunar New Year, Asians disagree vehemently

Happy Lunar New Year everybody.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 09, 2019, 01:21 PM

Cultural appropriation is kind of a hot topic in the west, especially America, right now.

For example, the issue of an American teen wearing the cheongsam/ qipao.

Here she is.

This caused quite a tizzy, with one particular exclamation on Twitter being the most prevalent.

The "my culture is not your prom dress" sparked off a fierce debate over the issue of cultural appropriation.

Those who don't wish for non-Chinese to wear the cheongsam.

And those who, through humour, pointed out that culture perhaps should be shared and appreciated by others.

Another one

Chinese New Year brought about a new round of slightly hyperbolic declarations to who can or cannot celebrate Chinese New Year.

Here is Kassy Cho, who is apparently a reporter for BuzzFeed based in London, with a friendly reminder.

In case you can't see it.

"friendly reminder that you don't get to celebrate lunar new year unless you're literally from a country that does or if you are invited by someone who is from a country that does"

This was considered by many to be a silly attempt at gatekeeping what is, by all means, a joyous occasion.

And the most heartwarming part was how Asians, who Kassy Cho deemed as the official gatekeepers of the holidays, turned up en masse to support anyone celebrating Lunar New Year.