Someone just put up a set of 32 personal old photos of 1970s S’pore & they are nostalgic

Singapore looked like it was wildin' then.

Belmont Lay | February 25, 05:09 am

Singapore in the 1970s was a place when the government and the people were wildin’.

Before you scroll down to check out the old photos of 1970s Singapore put up by someone named Robert Jedrek on Facebook, here is some context of what the 1970s was like here.

• Singapore, as a young nation, was beginning to industrialise even as a war was raging on in nearby Vietnam.

• At the intersection of East and West, conservatism and liberalism came to a head.

• Men with long hair were fined as they were viewed as hippies and were the last to be attended to at government offices.

• Television in Singapore started running colour test transmissions in April 1974.

• Large swathes of Singapore were still in the sea and unreclaimed then, and many parts were undeveloped.

• Singapore River was badly polluted. A 10-year clean-up campaign only kicked off in 1977.

• The National Stadium was opened.

• The British troops left.

• Temasek Holdings was incorporated.

• The Singapore Science Centre was set up.

• The 10-storey OG Building was the newfangled thing in People’s Park, Chinatown

• Jurong had a drive-in cinema.

• The Speak Mandarin campaign was launched in the later part of the decade.

1970s Singapore photos

And with all these in mind, here are the 32 personal photos that were uploaded on Facebook on Feb. 24, 2019 that are mighty nostalgic for those who lived in that era, and eye-opening for those who cannot fathom Singapore any other way than what they see now.

This is the post:

And here are 10 from the lot:

All photos via Robert Jedrek

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