Python casually slithers into man’s motorcycle at Yishun in front of him, chills there for over 4 hours

Slither and chill.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 11, 11:09 am

Twitter user Zams, and his friend had stopped over at the side of the road in Yishun when he noticed something.

There is a snake making its way near the bike, despite Zams’ best attempts at scaring it away with loud noises and many calls of “bro”.

If you think the snake was just passing by, think again.

It has decided to make the bike its home, snuggling comfortably inside it.

Hiss bike now

This wasn’t a brief visit by a snake either, in total, the snake hung around for at least four hours.

And like anybody you spend four hours with, the relationship went through a gradual evolution.

From the initial outrage, Zams eventually walked away from the drama.

“You know what bro, you can have the bike, just take the bike.”

Smart move.

But like any good friend, he tried to give his freeloading friend a chance, listening to music together.


Finally after more than three hours, help eventually arrived.

And he presumably got the snake out.

But the remnants of the previous night is still felt.


Image collated from Zams Twitter

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